I am an assistant professor in the Public Health Sciences Department at New Mexico State University. I have a PhD (c) in the Experimental Psychology, with a minor in Applied Statistics from New Mexico State University.

I am an expert in research design, data collection, statistical analyses, and analytical writing. Additionally, I am a skilled programmer, fluent in R, SAS, Visual Basic, and Matlab. I enjoy running simulations, data cleaning/organizing, and working with large data sets.

My research focuses on three broad questions:

  • What methodological and statistical advances are necessary to improve investigation in the social sciences?

  • What factors contribute to the negative perceptions and stigmatization of sexual minorities in the United States?

  • How does social class norms and cultural differences influence educational and health outcomes?

This website includes more detailed descriptions of my research endeavors, a current copy of my CV, samples of my statistical programming work (open-source), and a page describing some of my personal interests.